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We can build a pergola bespoke to any size and design. Reinforced were required and heavily bolted to the floor they are built to last. These can be finish in a huge variety of colours. They can be fitted with a huge array of roofing materials to suit every individual taste and requirement or left open.

We are able to fit polycarbonate to most pergolas including wood and aluminium and can also fit these roofs with or without lead flashings. By covering these pergolas with the correct roofing material we can achieve a protective barrier against the harmful and damaging sunrays. Making a more pleasant atmosphere by rejecting up to 86% of the heat and 99% of UV light. We have a range of colours which can be used to allow some light penetration if this is required.(Silver, bronze gold and blue). The roofs are finished with an aluminium roofing sections consisting of many different profiles to give a superb finish.

The pergolas can also have insulated sheeting fitted with flat boards or with the tongue and groove effect.



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