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French Doors

French Doors

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With Double Glazed French Doors fitted it is hard to tell where the inside of your home ends and the outside begins.
Double Glazed French Doors or double doors, provide a dramatic and luxurious improvement to any environment. They allow sunlight to stream into your house and give you the feeling of space and light that will really transform your home.
Home owners who have old timber or aluminium French doors may look to replace them with new modern double glazed uPVC French doors.

What do new Double Glazed French Doors offer?

  • Double glazed French doors as standard offer high security, provided by locks with multipoint locking to both the primary door and slave door.
  • Matching designs to your windows: If you wish you can have your double glazed French doors manufactured with a Georgian bar Crucifix or just full glass, the choice is yours.
  • New PVCU Double glazed French doors provide minimum maintenance and are easy to clean.

Many home owners who have a window looking out onto their terrace often have that window replaced with a pair of double glazed French doors.
The glazing used in double glazed French doors is a toughened standard safety glass. Safety glass is much tougher than ordinary float glass and is more secure from unwanted intruders and unwanted footballs alike. If the glass is broken, it will shatter into small pieces, so no larger jagged edges are exposed.


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