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Aluminium multi-Fold Doors

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Open up in warm weather and you instantly bring the outdoors indoors - perfect for barbecues and alfresco entertaining. They provide an all year round warm and airy ambience in your living/dining room.

Cleverly and with little effort, this exciting door folds into a number of separate leaves so a totally clear opening of up to almost six metres is now possible. Up to seven glazed leaves can be installed, all which fold flat on either side of the opening. The combinations are almost endless. There could be three leaves with all folding together or one as the master and the other two folding. A five leaf could be all five folding, or two and three, one and four and so on. The customer chooses.

The possibilities are endless. Multi-folding doors are a fantastic alternative to French doors for openings in to a conservatory possibly from a lounge or dinning room, a bedroom onto a terrace or balcony, from a swimming pool onto the patio, and so on. What ever the dream is of our customer, it can be now provided.

Milnrow Windows aluminium multi-folding doors are an undoubted success, one that will complement domestic or commercial situations. Once again, Milnrow Windows have added an imaginative product to their already impressive portfolio of doors, windows and conservatories which together with a whole host of exciting products. All multi fold doors can be fitted in a range of colours of which we will be only to glad to advise.



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